Local Legacy Strategy

We have been in Bermondsey since 2013 and hope to be there long after our scheme is built. We consider ourselves a part of the Bermondsey community, with a stake in its continued prosperity.
Our Local Legacy Strategy sets out our approach to ensuring that the potential benefits of our £500 million+ investment are maximised over the long-term. You can read more about our approach and some of the initiatives we have supported by browsing below

Better understanding Bermondsey

Local context has changed since our original Local Legacy Strategy was published. Whilst we had a level of understanding about the area, we needed to test the assumptions of our draft strategy against the current experiences of the local community. 

To do this, we employed independent researchers Social Life to carry out a comprehensive Neighbourhood Study. Over 400 local residents, businesses, and community stakeholders have participated, so thank you to everyone who gave their time and opinions – your contribution is very valuable. You can download a copy of the executive summary or full report here.

We are now focused on publishing an updated strategy in Autumn 2020, which will reflect the findings of the Neighbourhood Study and developing a set of indicators to measure the success of the strategy. 

Following the recommendations made by Social Life in the study, the Local Legacy Strategy now focuses on 5 key themes that are a key focus for local people. 

1. Community: 
We will foster a diverse and inclusive community, tackling crime, and encouraging integration.

2. Young people: 
We will create opportunities for and support aspirations of local young people.

3. Health & wellbeing: 
We will encourage people to live healthily and keep active.

4. Skills & employment: 
We will provide training and skills development programmes to support people into secure employment

5. Enterprise: 
We will enhance the local economy and create opportunities for new and existing businesses.