Your views are important to us, and will help shape the future of this neighbourhood

We believe in ongoing dialogue with stakeholders and our local communities.


Our approach to community engagement means that we:

  • Establish a dialogue with community organisations, stakeholders and leaders from an early stage
  • Broker partnerships and working relationships with a wide range of community organisations to deliver projects of community benefit
  • Develop a phased approach to consultation that allows for feedback at every stage in the process
  • Hold public drop-ins and workshops that are open to all
  • Ensure that all feedback and responses from the community are reviewed and where possible fed into the development process
  • Involve local communities in long-term decisions and the management of community amenities

Consultation on the plans

Our consultation on the former biscuit factory and campus sites was split into four key phases:

Phase 1 - Initial thinking

In October 2015 we introduced Grosvenor, our approach and initial thinking for a new part of this urban neighbourhood.
Click here to download Chapter Two of our engagement and consultation report, which sets out the feedback and comments we received on this emerging thinking.

Phase 1.1 - Discussion sessions

To further explore several of the key themes that emerged from this early phase we held three discussion sessions in May & June 2016. These were focused on Heritage, Streets & Spaces, and Integration.

Phase 2 - Masterplan update

In March 2017 we updated on the emerging plans at a series of public drop-ins. We reported on what we heard in the first part of Chapter Three of our engagement and consultation report. 

Phase 3 - Draft masterplan

We shared our proposed masterplan through a series of public events and briefings in June 2017. We reported on what we heard in the second part of Chapter Three of our engagement and consultation report.

Phase 4 - Final masterplan

We presented our final proposals in three public drop-ins on 5-7 October 2017.

We then submitted our planning application to Southwark Council. The plans and all supporting documents can be viewed here by entering reference number 17/AP/4088.  
Thank you to everyone that contributed their ideas and views throughout this process and which have helped to shape and inform our proposals. We reported on everything we heard, in this phase and in previous phases, in our Statement of Community Involvement which accompanies the planning application submitted to Southwark Council. You can also read more about our approach to legacy and the benefits delivered through our engagement and investment plans here.

Consultation timeline

ConsultationImagemobile image

Consultation on the area:

Grosvenor and The Blue Bermondsey Business Improvement District  joined forces to ask local residents and businesses for their views on the area's future.

This project has now finished but you can see what people had to say below.