Frequently asked questions

Who is Grosvenor?

Grosvenor Britain & Ireland, part of the privately-owned Grosvenor Group, is a British property company that has been operating in the UK for over 300 years.
Grosvenor operates as both developer and landlord allowing a long-term approach to regeneration. We maintain our commitment long after a site has been developed with the aim of creating sustainable urban neighbourhoods with a strong sense of community.
In Bermondsey, Grosvenor owns the majority of the former Peek Frean Biscuit Factory and Bermondsey Campus Sites.  
You can read more about Grosvenor here.

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What are Grosvenor's plans for the sites?

Grosvenor’s vision is to create a new part of this neighbourhood, which is fully integrated into Bermondsey, celebrates the rich history of the area and creates opportunities for local people.
These proposals would deliver 1,548 new homes at a range of rents, alongside a new 600-place secondary school facility, employment, cultural and retail spaces, knitted into the neighbourhood through a network of new landscaped spaces and convenient routes
Overall, the plans represent a £500m+ investment in Bermondsey by Grosvenor, which would deliver c.3,000 jobs, provide a significant boost to local spending and help to revitalise Bermondsey and The Blue as a thriving local economy. You can read more about the proposals on our plans page or in the guide to our planning application.

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Where can I see the amended planning application?

We have produced a guide to our planning application to provide a clear and comprehensive summary of the amendments, this is available to view here.

Please get in touch with us at / 020 7312 6212 if you have any questions.

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How will your proposals benefit local people?

Our amended proposals deliver 35% affordable housing (by habitable rooms) – which is equivalent to c.482 homes. 30% of these would be available to Southwark residents at Social Rent Equivalent and 70% would be available at ‘Discounted Market Rents’ to households earning a total of £60,000 per year. In addition to affordable housing, we are also delivering c.1,066 homes for private rent.
We continue to deliver all homes for rent, which we believe helps deliver a type of housing product that is more affordable to a greater population of people. It also means that the homes are not for absent overseas buyers who see the homes as an investment opportunity.
In addition to homes at a range of rent levels, our proposals will also deliver a new school, new public amenities and more workspaces, all of which will create new jobs and stimulate greater local economic activity.

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How have you improved your affordable housing offer from the original submission?

To accommodate the increase in affordable housing, the total number of homes proposed has also increased from 1,342 to 1,548.
The increased number of homes would be accommodated in several ways, primarily through taller buildings, but also amending the shape and size of some buildings and switching retail floor space to new homes. You can read about the proposed amendments in the guide available here.

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When would construction begin?

We aim to start works within months of a receiving a positive decision.
We are proposing a phased approach to construction, which would see the first phase delivering the 600-pupil secondary school, 359 of the homes and 8,155 sq ft of employment space.

We anticipate that the neighbourhood would be completed within eight years of starting on site. Our Construction Management Plan sets out the approach to minimising disruption and working closely with the community and is a public document available alongside all other planning documents on the GLA website.

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What has Grosvenor been doing with the community since it bought the sites?

As a three-hundred-year-old company we value long lasting relationships, which is in part why we’ve spent a significant amount of time getting to know the people of Bermondsey and invested £300,000+ in a wide range of local projects and initiatives.
Some examples of what this has included is:
- 50+ community events, including the annual Summer Fete and Bermondsey Folk Festival, which alone have attracted thousands of local people and raised money for local charities.
- 700+ hours free use of our Community Hall by a range of local organisations including ARTiculate, Southwark Helping Hands and the National Association of Nigerian Communities.
- Qualifications and jobs for Bermondsey Community Kitchen students as a result of our funding for their trainer.
- Over 100 people have benefitted from enterprise training, many setting up new businesses, following our funding of the Tree Shepherd course at Big Local Works.
- Cultural and community organisations for the neighbourhood including Assemble, 3Space, Construction Youth Trust and Shortwave CafĂ©.

As we begin to think about our long-term role in the neighbourhood, we have developed a Local Legacy Strategy to set out how we will maximise the social and economic benefits for local people. You can read more about this here.

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How can I contact Grosvenor?

You can keep up to date via our website here, email us at, call us on 020 7312 6212, or visit us in our community office.

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