Bringing benefits to local people

Grosvenor is committed to bringing benefit to Bermondsey. Over the last four years we have spent more than £500,000 investing in programmes for local people and over 500 people have directly benefitted; you can read some of their stories above.
Our Local Legacy Strategy is about our long-term commitment to the area and the social and economic benefits that our proposals for Bermondsey will bring to existing and new residents. These benefits are based on our experience of working in Bermondsey, discussions with a wide range of community organisations and in-depth research conducted by an external agency on behalf of Grosvenor. These benefits focus on four key themes:

1. Health & Wellbeing:
  1. - 3 acres of new public and play space
  2. - Improved safety and security through design and increased activity
  3. - Specific activities to help local people make healthy choices, including no fast food outlets

2. Community Cohesion
  1. - Long-term commitment to community development and continued programme of engagement and events
  2. - Combating social isolation through targeted activities and the design of public spaces
  3. - New flexible use community centre

3. Education, Skills & Employment
  1. - New facilities for 600-pupil secondary school
  2. - More local people in employment through 1,200 construction jobs and 1,300 jobs in the longer term 
  3. - Improved skills for local people including 120 apprenticeships

4. Enterprise
  • - Ongoing commitment to the success of The Blue including new pedestrian connections and delivery of a Local Economy Charter
  • - New retail space that will complement the local high street
  • ​​​- Continued investment to local entrepreneurship including sponsorship of training programmes


 If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our Community Insight & Engagement Manager at / 020 7312 6212.

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